Teeth Whitening Solutions
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High Density Cold Laser Whitening and Composite Curing

  Da Vinci Systems, Inc. has been involved with the manufacturing of dental modalities and cosmetic teeth whitening products since 1989.

We own patents for the custom dental trays and manufacture trays and materials used in dental and the cosmetic teeth whitening processes. We manufacture teeth whitening materials in an FDA registered facility. Our products are sold in dental offices, spas and salons through distributors worldwide.

We are the original design partner of the iBrite™ Tooth Whitening Light and conceptually with other systems like ZOOM and NOVA. We also manufacture whitening and curing lights, custom dental and cosmetic whitening formulations for distributors to their specifications.


Greater level of whitening is now faster with little or no prep time!
The High Density Cold Laser studies have shown this technology to whiten faster then any other system

4th Generation Whitening Materials Released:

The ‘New’ Science of Whitening

Nano-technology has created a new generation of whitening materials. Incorporating and allowing us to utilize the phenomenon called the photoelectric effect when using light to accelerate the whitening process. This enables us to increase the rate of reaction time by liberating oxygen faster to whiten more effectively and in less time.

This same effect is used in solar cells or CCD chips used for capturing and processing light. Photons strike atoms and release electrons proportional to the photon input - the more photons the more electrons set free.  Thus the more light the faster the total reaction. When photons hit the atoms of certain materials like silicone, each atom gives off an electron which hits the hydrogen peroxide. This energy breaks down H2O2 to water and oxygen. Light is acting like a catalyst (e > H2O2 = H2O + O.)  It is the oxygen that reacts with internal stain breaking it down to a smaller molecule lighter in shade or color.

The micro particle (Nano-technology) of the new carrier is now small enough to carry the oxygen deep into the tooth tubule where stain resides.  Whitening material gel are traditionally mixing carbopol a very large acrylic molecule and/or glycerin and large fat molecule with hydrogen peroxide; they are themselves too large to gain access into the tooth and carry the oxygen inside.  In most cases the surface is whitened and whitening deep inside the tooth where most stain is located was inhibited. New Nano-whitening material gels are made from a novel silicone particle with a particle size of 1 micron which is 10-times smaller than the average tooth tubule. Thus oxygen atoms now have access deeper into the tooth.  The new gel actively carries the oxygen inside the tooth for more complete whitening in less time.

The new Nano-material reacts and covers with a consistency of paint, not a sticky mass that does not spread uniformly over teeth. The net result is a saving on the prep time. This is accomplished by completely covering teeth quickly with equal material thickness and allowing us to get closer to the gingiva without touching. The removal of the new material is faster between procedures.  The materials are not acidic like the former gel materials and will not leach important minerals from teeth. The lack of acidity will also reduce significantly the post operative sensitivity prevalent in office whitening. We now have materials and faster prep alternatives that work significantly better benefiting staff and most importantly you and your patients.

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